First Brewlander tanks arriving


As some of you may already know, we are in the midst of building the most kickarse Craft brewery in South East Asia and I’m pleased to share that we’ve officially (FINALLY) began our brewery fit up!

Someone asked me recently what made me want to start a brewery in Singapore, and my reply was "I'm still asking myself the same question!!!" LOL

Gosh, what journey it has been just to get to this point, one that has greeted us with obstacles after obstacles. Where do we even begin, a super terrible landlord who decided not to honour our agreement at the very period they were supposed to handover the unit to us, scrambling to find another suitable unit that fits our equipment that which was designed and built for the previous space, redoing all the license applications for the new venue, then Covid-19. A roller coaster journey indeed!

It is kinda funny because Covid threwFirst Brewlander tanks being hoisted us a major curve ball, and as a result we are building our brewery in the most unconventional way and akin to buttoning our shirt from the bottom up. Thankfully, we had industry friends in China, Taiwan and Europe who lent a helping hand to do our brewery inspections for us due to the travel ban imposed. Our equipment have arrived and were supposed to be installed, however, our renovation was halted due to the Circuit Breaker restrictions.

Our team and contractor are constantly tinkering and adapting as new surprises greets us on a daily basis, guess this adds to the experience of it all!

With all these landmines to dance around, you could imagine how relieved I was when I saw the truck load of containers moving in on 20th and 21st June 2020. I asked myself if I was dreaming or was what I’m seeing real LOL. The hoisting was another challenging exercise as the equipment were both large and heavy, and I'm glad to report that it went on smoothly without any accident or damage to our kit even though it was largely pouring over those 2 days.

Enough sob story already, TODAY is another win for us as we are given the green light to resume our renovation. Our entire team along with our contractor is excited and raring to go, looking to catch up for lost time to get this brewery up and running by November!

In the coming months, we will be giving updates to the progress of the fit up, and here is what you can expect in a nutshell!

- A smart brewing and cellaring system which allows us to monitor and control our beers 24/7 from any place in the world
- A centrifuge in place of a filter, which would help preserve all the awesome flavours in our beers
- A fully automated canning and bottling line that enables us to seal and prolong that brewery fresh experience in our packaged beer.

The new venue will house a tasting room  and we will be offering brewery tours, where visitors get to experience first-hand how Brewlander beers are lovingly brewed and packaged.