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You may have seen SG Craft Together in the news or may have purchased the set during the Circuit Breaker, and have wondered how this initiative came about. 

SG Craft Together started as an idea of Gabriel, the Brewmaster of LeVel33, who reached out to us to swap a few cartons of beers to offer to their customers. Having come from a home-brewing background where community spirit is the focal point, we felt that Gabriel's stroke of genius could have a bigger impact if we can help reach out to other peers in the Craft brewing community to come onboard. In a very short time, many like-minded breweries came on board and helped chime in to start what possibly is Singapore's most ambitious collaborations till date.

Covid-19 has impacted every business and individual's life, and we are glad to work alongside fellow local brewers during these trying times and create something positive out of it. Collectively, we wanted to avoid the doom and gloom approach, and instead, celebrate the diversity that SG's local craft beer scene now has to offer. It has indeed changed and grown since our debut in 2017, and there has never been a more dynamic craft beer scene in SG's history. From a personal perspective, it's rewarding as we got to work with the old guards and good friends of the industry like Brewerkz and Red Dot, and see how motivated they remain and how gracious they are in assisting the younger members in the community.

Hopefully, this collaboration would prove to be the spark to greater things for SG craft beer! Rest assured, we will continue to do our best to be a catalyst for this common cause!

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