Growth of Craft Beer scene in Singapore

Growth of Craft Beer scene in Singapore

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Singapore is a country with multicultural heritage and we have been able to represent our heritage strongly through our rich and diversified food scene. Looking at how exciting and innovating our culinary scene has become, there is no doubt an abundant platforms and resources available to encourage even more people to join the food industry, promoting the continuous growth of our local food scene.

Moving to the beverage sector and zooming into beer, Singapore's beer scene has definitely gotten more dynamic over the past two to three years with many new brands from the region and beyond now available. Many new local brewers have also joined the fold. In contrast with our rapidly-evolving food scene, our craft beer scene has been progressing at a rather ponderous pace, as can be seen when we compare the growth in number of craft breweries we have today with other countries.

Till date, we are glad to share that we have a total of 31 local craft beer brands and breweries and that list seems still to be growing. Things has certainly also gotten brighter for a local brand these days, compared to the sheer resistance that we faced when starting out. We used to get comments like "Local beers? Is it safe for drinking?, "Will I end in up hospital?", "Will the bottles explode?" or "You brew the beers? You look too skinny to be a brewer!" Great progress has definitely been made, and supporting local is now quite a popular trend. We hope this develops into a movement!

Despite the growing number of local breweries and brands, the majority of Singaporeans are still only able to suggest certain commercial beer when asked to name a Singaporean beer. In our humble opinion, we all could do a little more with education and communication about our craft rather than just flood the scene with more product. We want to help grow the community not just horizontally but vertically as well.

With these being said, we see vast ways and possibilities on how Brewlander can contribute to the growth of our craft beer scene with the upcoming brewery, whic we have been teasing for a little while. With the capabilities of the new brewery, we will now be able to create a comprehensive and inclusive craft beer community that offers a one-stop platform for anyone to join.

Part of our plans include designing workshops and masterclasses that will cater to everyone, including audience beyond the existing craft beer lovers. These workshops will be curated and come in different modules and levels such that the basic modules will act as gateway classes to stimulate participants who first come into contact with craft beer, while the higher level would intrigue the beer geeks further. 

We are excited to share more details on our workshops and programs once they are ready, meanwhile please continue to support us and we hope to catch you at our launch party!

Preview of the space for our Tasting Room

Preview of the space for our Brew House