Other Side Of A Black Hole Imperial Stout

Other Side Of A Black Hole Imperial Stout

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Other Side Of A Black Hole is an experimental project we had in mind for awhile. We've always wondered what's on the other end of the black hole and maybe, it's something dark and real rich, like our first-ever Imperial Stout.

Brewed with the heritage Chevallier malt, a forgotten malt that was revered during Victorian times, it gives a robust malt foundation with a rich marmalade character and a long finish, further complemented by a smooth espresso from our favourite roasted malts.

We didn’t stop there and went a step further to dry hop this with HBC 472, an experimental hop that imparts oak, coconut and vanilla flavours that would trick you into believing this was bourbon barrel aged! Enjoy and cherish this luscious craft beer, cause there's so few of this going around. 

ABV: 10%
Net Content: 330ML
Profile: Treacle, Marmalade, Rich and Smooth Espresso, Oak, Coconut, Vanilla