Mango Fever Wheat Beer

Mango Fever Wheat Beer

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Because you guys love it, we're bringing it back!

A true Singaporean experience saw a solid hawker meal, ending with a shaved ice dessert of sorts, best with some sweet mango bits. Or a stroll along the streets and getting an ice cream bar sandwiched in coloured bread, from that traditional ice cream cart. Either situation proves to be a refreshing thirst-quencher to have in this heat, and that is exactly what our Mango Fever will be.

Brewed with real mangoes, this tropical pour is a crisp and bright beer that explodes with an abundance of honeyed mango notes, finishing with a silky, creamy mouthfeel that is perfect for any hot day's thirst.

ABV: 5%
Net Content: 340ML
Profile: Bright, Mango Aromas, Tropical


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