Day In August - Collaboration beer with Alive Brewing

Day In August - Collaboration beer with Alive Brewing

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Day in August is a collaboration beer between local brewers - Brewlander and Alive Brewing. This “rojak” (mixed) style of an ale was created to reflect the rich mixed cultures that represents Singapore, taking inspiration from the different spices and ingredients used in our daily meals.

Loosely based on the witbier style, the beer was made with mixed strains of wild yeast that ferments best at Singapore’s ambient temperature to create interesting tropical fruit flavours. Kaffir lime zest, black pepper corn, coriander seeds were added into the mix to create beautiful soft layers of flavours that is ever familiar to us. Expect refreshing citrus from the kaffir lime, followed by a pleasant mix of subtle spices, and rounded off with a pillowy texture.


ABV: 5.0%

Net Content: 330ML

Profile: Tropical fruit flavours, kaffir lime zest and a black peppercorn finish