Pride (Saison)

Saison bier and I go back a long way, and it was truly one of the styles which I got right instantly. You could say that this was the style that made me realise that I was getting better as a homebrewer.

Back in 2010, Saison and Farmhouse ales were not a popular style and you can’t find much information about it, except it was brew in the farm for workers during harvest time. Saison Dupont is probably the only known Saison then, and I’ll not even attempt to try to clone a perfect beer!

You could say that I built my recipe in the dark, and got really lucky (Inside Joke) with the results. Since then, I’m been known to be the Saison guy in Singapore. In fact, there are friends who jokingly ask if I’m going to brew 20 versions of Saison!

At the same time, well-meaning friends in the industry has “questioned” our sanity for launching with a Saison. It’s a style which does not have as much commercial success as a safer Pale ale, but I do like taking on this challenge!

Pride is our modern interpretation of a Saison, while staying true to the classic values of this style. This is not a sour or funky beer by any measure, but a refreshing and aromatic beer which finishes very dry.

The most important ingredient of this beer is the yeast. We blend several yeasts in a proportion that creates a unique flavour which is perfumey and  floral, spicy, zesty, and has a slight bubblegum. The bubblegum note is really weird because the 2 yeast doesn’t have this character when used on its own. The beer finishes very dry (under 1 plato) but this bubblegum gives a perception of sweetness, although it does mellow over time.

For hops, I’ve decided to use Green Bullet which is a New Zealand hop that is known to retain many characteristics of Styrian Goldings (One of my favourite hop). I’ve also decided to add Pacifica and Southern Cross, which adds layers of spice, lime, and orange marmalade notes to the beer. This should complement the yeast driven characters of the beer nicely!

Pilsner and Pale malt, a generous amount of Torrified wheat, and a touch of Oats will ensure this bone dry beer will not end up watery and bland, but have a decent amount of body and silky mouthfeel.

It does go extremely well with Asian spicy food, Indian curry, seafood and shellfish, cheeses, and great by its own.

As a Saison guy, this is truly a beer that I take most of Pride in!