In 2008, John Wei had his first beer awakening after his infatuation with English Cask Conditioned. A chance encounter with an old school mate introduced him to the possibility of brewing beer at home. He brewed his first batch of extract beer, and dived immediately into all grain brewing.

The first 2 years of brewing was met with varying degrees of success and failures. The lack of homebrewing materials and guidance in Singapore meant he would have to brew the same beer multiple times, until he got the results wanted. In his own words, “I’ve always joked that I’ve learnt the most from the beers that I’ve dumped. Most of these beers were infected or bad, but it wasn’t what I envisioned. I preferred to dump it and start over again.”

Along the years, he has won multiple homebrew awards in Singapore, and gained the recognition and respect of fellow local homebrewers. John has been actively aiding and mentoring other homebrewers to improve their craft. Some of which would go on to win awards of their own.

In 2015, he completed his BJCP certification, and he has since been actively involved with growing the network of judges within Asia.

After turning down a few offers to brew professionally over the years, things just fell into place for John to take the leap of faith to make Brewlander & Co. a reality