Courage (Double IPA)

We call this Courage not only because it takes a lot of courage to drink our highest ABV and IBU beer, but because it took a lot of courage to brew this during our launch. It’s always easier to brew something more approachable and sellable, but I think we like challenging ourselves a little.

At 8.2% and 115 IBUs, we want to ensure that this beer isn’t a sweet cloying full bodied hoppy barley wine. I’d like to think that our signature is maintaining a certain degree of drinkability in all our beers, and I’ve also incorporated this into Courage.

We use a good amount of Extra Pale Maris Otter for this beer, and a small percentage of dark Munich malt and Caramalt to add some roundness to the beer. We also blend in some Pilsner malt to help cut the down the excessive malt fullness, and use a small percentage of sugar to ensure the beer finishes fairly dry.

Columbus extract for bittering, and a blend of Simcoe, Waimea, Citra and Centennial as aroma additions. You will get a clean and firm bitterness (slightly herbal), and layers of Orange, Pine, slight tropical fruits and dank notes.

We are using a liquid yeast strain which is similar to the Chico strain, but attenuates higher and leaves a good amount of body and malt character without muting the hops!

All these works in combination to create a strong beer that is deceivingly sessionable and quaffable.

You’ll have courage after drinking a few pints of this!